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Zookeepr: PyCon AU's conference management and open source

Project: Zookeepr

Zookeepr, a Pylons-based conference management system was this year used as the management software for this very conference and by virtue of reading this you've nearly certainly used it.

Aimed at developers interested in open source and contributing to a non-trivial project where meeting your fellow developers is likely, and your work will be seen and used annually by hundreds of Australia's most diehard geeks. This presentation discusses technical detail about Zookeepr as well as talking candidly about open source contribution after being involved with Zookeepr as part of a unique and enlightening postgraduate level course about FOSSD run by Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell at ANU.

Elena Williams

Elena is a web developer. She prefers working with django and does back- and front-end development and has worked on projects in a variety of industries. She is a proponent of the PyLadies, Python, Linux and Python-based web technologies communities in Australia.