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Big data with python

Dealing with big data isn't a particularly new problem. There are all sorts of new solutions, each with their own niche, their own hype. It's important to remember that python is not "too slow" for big data, and that with projects such as scipy, numpy, cython and rpy, python is becoming a better tool then ever for data processing. In this talk we'll be explaining some of the theory behind big data problems, where python fits in and some of the more interesting things you can do.

Alex Sharp

Alex is the CTO of Orion Virtualisation Solutions. Originally a hardware hacker, working on everything from solar cars to satellites, he eventually saw the light and started coding. After a brief stint at Akamai, he realised just how awesome large scale systems were and started working on those in his spare time.

With the advent of Amazon's EC2, he then had a rather large light bulb moment and designed his own system, a system that, with the help of Joseph Glanville and Sheng Yeo, became the world fastest cloud platform (For IO performance, third party benchmarked).