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Techniques for improving Python performance

Andrew Rowe will detail and demonstrate a number of proven techniques for improving the performance of large Python programs.

Using multiprocessing.
Using custom extensions.
Refactoring code.
using comprehensions.
Dictionaries v. Lists.
Range v. xrange.
Detecting choke points.

Andrew Rowe

Andrew Rowe lives in Canberra, ACT and has worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as a Senior large systems programmer for over 20 years.
The ABS has used Python for the last 4 years to perform statistical data matching on very large multi core processing systems.
Andrew is an experienced C++, C#, SQL, VB, C, Python, Ruby programmer.
He has designed and developed large customer relationship management systems for handling providers, OHAS software for managing work loads, Network performance montoring tools and lots and lots of other stuff.