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Detecting and visualising large scale colour trends

Project: Colorific

(with Lars Yencken)

In this talk we describe the adventures arising from our attempts to detect colour trends from millions of designs using Python Imaging library, SciPy, and a cast of helpers. Along the way, we'll consider what it means for a colour to be interesting, for two colours to be similar, and look at common uses of colour in designs.

Dennis Hotson

Dennis is a software developer at 99designs.com

Dennis is the author of Springy, a force directed graph visualisation library; Kelpie, a Rack/WSGI style web server in PHP and other projects.

Lars Yencken

Lars is a recovering researcher in text mining and east-asian language learning. His rehab is 99designs, a great Melbourne startup, where he cooks infrastructure and data. He's all too easily distracted by fun problems and half-baked ideas.