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Towards continuous deployment with Django

Project: Various

It's no secret that python is fantastic when it comes to rapid prototyping and development. When it comes to deploying a web application, the road to glory isn't as well paved and navigating the array of techniques and tools can be daunting.

This talk will address the advantages of continuous deployment, the success factors involved and the tools available, mainly focusing on experiences with Django web development.

Roger Barnes

Roger has over 12 years experience in application development and has been an enthusiastic convert to all things Pythonic in the past 3 years. He has recently joined Arribaa, a tech startup, as a co-founder and CTO. Arribaa helps travelers find and book unique experiences based on shared interests. Previously Roger was a technical lead developing Java applications in an enterprise environment.

Bringing his cross-functional experience to a rapidly changing environment, Roger leans heavily on relevant Python-based tools so that he can get on with the job of writing and shipping code that counts as quickly as possible.