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RPy: Powerful Analytics within python

Project: Rpy

R is an incredibly powerful statistical programming language. It is the choice for powerful set and forgets analytics. However it is a specialist language without strong functionality in other areas. In areas where significant preprocessing of data, or where the statistics produced are part of a larger system such as looking for patterns in the load behaviour of a web server, a match with a strong general language is an obvious solution. Because of its wide use and potential integration with R, python is that language.
This talk will be targeted at python programmers who wish to integrate statistical and data analysis into their work, providing options for real time data monitoring and analysis. This talk is accessible for anyone with a basic understanding of python.

Rhydwyn Mcguire

Rhydwyn is a researcher and data geek working in public health. They are currently the main researcher on the Population profiling for dental disease project, a large data analysis project.
Rhydwyn's career is fundamentally a product of being bad at choosing not to do interesting things, this has led to pursuing majors in statistics, mathematics and computer science. Rhydwyn loves to hack on things that use all of these skills.